• Providing housing for those in need.

    Providing housing for those in need

    Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities.
  • This is Why We Do What We Do™

    This is Why We Do What We Do™

    We always step forward to help the most vulnerable. For over 115 years, we have taken on the most difficult tasks to help the most underserved.

Featured Highlights

  • Operation Backpack

    For too many kids, the school year will begin without a backpack and the supplies they need to succeed. But you can make a difference by donating to Operation Backpack. Your donation with help prepare a local Ohio child with a backpack and school supplies to boost his self-esteem and help him feel like a regular kid. Find out how to get involved!
  • Donate with Debbie: How to thrift shop, part two

    Debbie, your closet coach here. I know thrifting can seem pretty intimidating at first; but I’m here to walk you through my second guide to thrift shopping right here in Ohio. Get ready to dive into your closet, then hit the racks at your favorite Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio thrift store.
  • How to spring clean your closet

    Debbie, your closet coach here. Well, spring is finally showing its face and that can mean only one thing – time to clear out that closet. Daunting, right? Just follow these five steps and you’ll have spring cleaning tackled in no time (and finally have room for that new blouse).
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