Your Impact

Life’s story in just six words.

What if our stories were shortened to only six words? What would they be?  Inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s creation of the six-word story, we have crafted these and many other stories on this site into six-word stories to share our client’s stories of struggle, determination and hope. 

The men, women, veterans, and families in our programs all have stories that have brought them to where they are today.  Whether it is in six-words, or the full story, they all have something in common…you.

With your support you have become a part of their stories. You have ensured that the programs and services we provide are innovative, progressive and healing. 

So, in six words, we are really saying:
See how you shared hope here.

With your support, we can open the door to a better life for homeless children, adults and veterans.