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Youth Education Center


After-school and summer-enrichment program for the children in our housing programs.

The Youth Education Center offers a safe place for children to go after school and during the summer and invests in their academic progress, social growth and development. We help nurture children's development through career exploration; homework help and tutoring; art education; programs that encourage children to explore their emotions and improve communication; computer skills; and nutritious meals and education.

This program means the world to the children we serve. While there are many after-school and summer programs, every child in our program is either currently homeless or has been homeless in the recent past. Our vision is a world where all children have a home and feel safe and secure.

How homelessness affects children:

  • Homeless children are twice as likely to be sick than other children, suffering from ear infections and stomach problems.
  • Hunger affects homeless children 2x more than other children not experiencing homelessness.
  • Children who are homeless are more likely to repeat a grade compared to other children.
  • 50% of school-age homeless children experience anxiety, depression, or withdrawal compared to 18% of non-homeless children.

You can make a difference!

By donating online you can help create a better future for a child in need. You can also participate through our Brightening Birthdays initiative to make sure every child has the chance to celebrate their birthday.

Check out our Super Kids! Flickr photos below and see the difference you can make in a child's life.

Super Kids! of the YEC

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