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"Hi! I'm Debbie, your new closet coach. Whether you're looking to donate or shop your local thrift store, I can help you with all of your thrifting needs."

If it's thrifting you seek, you've found it . . . You're in the right place to give and buy with a heart! Thrifting is a great way to save, and if you ask me, an even better way to give away the stuff that you don't use anymore.

Everything you donate helps. Once you give up that shirt you never wear, we can sell it at one of our 11 thrift stores – the sale then helps support programs in your community. Imagine that unwanted set of pots and pans helping someone in need. Now that's what I call thrifting for good!

Dig into those closets, clean out your cupboards, and put those un-needed items to good use. Or stop by and do some of your own thrifting! Trust me, it makes a difference.

Call us for a free home pick-up at 1-800-873-4505.

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