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Be a Sponsor

Become a Sponsor

From July through September stores fill with school supplies and families are shopping away, getting ready for a new school year.  New backpacks, character folders and notebooks, calculators, rulers and more are gleaming on the shelves. 

Joanne is Missing

Instead of shopping, Joanne is at home looking for a halfway decent backpack and gathering any used supplies she has.  She does what she can to make sure her kids are ready for school.  But are they?  Do they have everything they need to be  successful in school?  Can they compete with fellow students when they are reminded that they are disadvantaged?  You decide. 

Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio Operation Backpack is the vehicle to get new supplies to children and school districts throughout Ohio.  The support needed to accomplish this can only come from you.  Together, with your support we can give children in Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus the confidence to get straight A’s.  

10TV interview to kick-off Operation Backpack 2015

Why being a sponsor is key

You are inspiring tomorrow's leaders to succeed and to feel accepted. With that good feeling, each sponsorship level also builds a greater awareness of your company in the community. And, if you participate as a collection site, you can also build morale and teamwork skills among employees.

Sponsorship Levels

Principal - Statewide Presenting Sponsor - $7,500
Assistant Principal - Regional/Local Sponsor - $5,000
Teacher - Regional/Local Sponsor - $2,500

For details about each sponsorship level, click here to download the sponsorship information.

Do the math

More than 2/3 of the students in each of these school districts depend on their school for meals and for their education. Only 60% of students will graduate. When you compare to school districts with 20% or less poverty rates, you will see a 95% and higher graduation rate.

They are all learning the same curriculum.
Now, let's give them the same tools to master it.

Regional Contact information

Cincinnati: Erin Joyner,
Cleveland: Becky Carlino,
Columbus: Nicole Knowlton,