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When winter storms strike, homeless men, women and children are the hardest hit

Donate your car to Volunteers of America in Cleveland and keep them warm

With record-breaking snowstorms sweeping across much of the country, keeping homeless men, women and children safe and warm is easier said than done. When snow, ice and frigid temperatures make life on the streets uncomfortable and unsafe, many homeless Ohioans seek refuge in their local shelter systems.

Unfortunately, however, the demand for shelter is often much greater than the supply. And when sleeping on the street is the only option, people experiencing homelessness can easily develop exposure-related (and potentially life-threatening) medical conditions. Those with substance abuse, mental illness, and other physical conditions are at an even greater risk of suffering from serious weather-related ailments, as well.

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's 2015 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress, on one night in January 2015, 43 percent of homeless individuals (152,806 people) in the United States were living without shelter.

Our outreach efforts are making a difference

Throughout the seasons, our staff canvas the streets where the homeless congregate to establish trust and link them with community resources. And when temperatures dip, we help meet their basic needs by providing blankets, clothing, food and transportation to shelter services.

Want to help us help the homeless? You can donate gently used sleeping bags, blankets, coffee, hot chocolate and water, hats, gloves, scarves and non-perishable food items to Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio in Cleveland. Monetary donations are also accepted.

Search "donate my car" to find out how you can help

Another way you can help the homeless this winter is by donating your car to VOAGO. Your car donation goes a long way toward helping VOAGO helping Cleveland's homeless population stay warm, safe and healthy.

Do you have a vehicle that has been sitting idly in your garage, driveway, or in a storage facility? How about a boat, RV, tractor, or motorcycle (just about anything with a motor)? We'll arrange free same-day towing, and you might even end up making more off of your vehicle as a tax-deductible donation than you would from selling it privately. Fill out the online car donation form or contact the Car Donation & Auction Office at 440-232-9300 if you have any questions.