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Crossroads Community Open House

Friday, June 30 | 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

This one-time event will show you how you have helped your neighbors for over 18 years!

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Helping people reach their full potential

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You can be the change our community needs: Now is the time

The Crossroads Community Campaign is not about a building with issues, crumbling facilities, or old equipment. Although this is a real problem.

It's about treating anyone who needs shelter with dignity and respect, in all possible ways. And that includes a properly functioning and safe facility.

This is central to helping each person who becomes homeless rebuild their life, reach their full potential and become productive members of our community.

This undoubtedly is how we help our community to thrive and remain vibrant.

We includes me and you. And, we definitely need you.

Check out our progress!

In 2016, Crossroads provided services to 5,049 people in Sandusky.

This is how you can make a difference

We need the funds, ideas, and the caring hearts to step forward now, to help us rebuild for their tomorrows. Choose a way to help below. This is your opportunity to make your mark on the Sandusky community today.

And you should know that every dollar given and raised directly supports the Crossroads Community Campaign. Every . dollar . raised.

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